Is Leasing Right For Me?

Our leasing representative will help you determine if leasing is right for you. For most companies or individuals, leasing a vehicle or equipment offers two important advantages.

Leasing Often Saves Money
You or your company won't have to commit to a big down payment on a depreciating asset. That frees your cash for appreciating investment opportunities or business expansion. Leasing also leaves your credit line at the bank undisturbed. And, since Costello is a fleet purchaser, you and your company benefit from  the savings Costello's buying power creates.
Leasing Always Saves Time
Leasing is convenient - in so many ways.

First, our nationwide network puts up-to-the-minute information on new cars and trucks at your fingertips. 

Costello is an independent company, so we don't promote one manufacturer over another. The judgement we share are objective, because Costello puts your needs first.

Second, forget about long lines and red tape . Costello handles sales tax, licensing, registration, and inspection. Costello can also arrange payment of personal property tax.

Which Lease Is Best?
Costello takes pride in customizing leases to meet individual needs. You select the type of lease that best fits your situation. You set the length of the agreement. We handle the details so you drive care-free.
The Open End Lease
This agreement means you accept financial responsibility for the car or truck you lease - without needing to make a big down payment.

At the end of the lease you have these options:

  • Buy the vehicle at a contractually pre-determined price.
  • Re-lease the vehicle at a reduced rate.
  • Sell the vehicle yourself.
  • Have Costello sell the vehicle for you.

If the vehicle sells for more than the contractual price, you pocket the difference. If the vehicle sells for less, an adjustment is made when the lease ends.

The Closed End Lease
This agreement is similar to an open end lease, except that when the lease expires, Costello is responsible for the disposal of the car or truck. A closed end lease also carries a mileage limitation. If the vehicle is returned damaged, you'll be charged for necessary repairs.

A closed end lease is attractive because:

  • Your transportation cost is fixed for term of the lease.
  • Price fluctuations in the used vehicle market have no impact on your agreement.